2 in 5 People Have Seen Something Wild at an Office Holiday Party

There’s a surprisingly good chance that something WILD is going to happen at your office Christmas party this year.  And wouldn’t you rather be the person WATCHING it happen than the person doing it?

According to a new survey, two out of five people say they’ve seen something CRAZY go down at a company holiday party.  That includes big office drama . . . quote, “juicy revelations” . . . or, of course, people getting hammered and hooking up.

And . . . one in three people say they’ve done something they regret at the party.

But if you like office gossip, it’ll be a good scene for you . . . the average person finds out seven personal things or secrets about their coworkers at a company holiday party.

One more thing:  35% of people have been late to work the day after their company party . . . and 17% didn’t show up at all.

(New York Post)