20 Memorable Moments from Talk Show History

What’s your favorite talk show moment?

There have probably been too many to name, but the website Mental Floss put together a decent list of 20 memorable ones.

It doesn’t seem like they’re claiming these are the MOST memorable . . . or even rating them from 1 to 20.

So, here are 10 highlights, in no particular order:

1.  “Oprah”:  Everyone gets a car.  (2004)


2.  “Oprah”:  Tom Cruise jumps on the couch.  (2005)


3.  “Dr. Phil”:  The “Cash Me Ousside” girl.  (2016)


4.  “The Jay Leno Show”:  Jimmy Kimmel roasts Jay about the Conan situation.  (2010)


5.  “Ellen”:  Kristen Bell has a meltdown over her love of sloths.  (2012)


6.  “The Arsenio Hall Show”:  Magic Johnson talks about his HIV diagnosis.  (1991)


7.  “Geraldo”:  Geraldo gets his nose broken by a chair.  (1988)

( Here’s the actual incident.  It contains racist language.)


8.  “The Jerry Springer Show”:  Jerry interviews a man who married his horse.  (1998)

(You can see a clip from the show here.  Skip to 9:39.)


9.  “The Late Show with David Letterman”:  In order to head off a blackmail attempt, Dave admits he’s had sex with staffers.  (2009)


10.  “Larry King Live”:  Larry and Marlon Brando sing a duet, then kiss on the lips.  (1994)


(Check out the rest here.)