Alert trooper credited for the arrest of two burglary suspects

HENRY CO., Ind. (ADAMS) – A Muncie man along with another from Middletown were arrested Monday morning after an alert trooper noticed their vehicle parked at an abandoned home. Around 5 a.m., Trooper J.T. Burns was driving in the 5500 block of SR38, near the town of Cadiz, when he noticed a car parked in front of an abandoned house. Burns had driven through the area earlier in the night and had noticed there were no vehicles at the abandoned home and that the front door was closed.

As he spotlighted the home he noticed the front door was now standing open and there were tools leaned against the front of the house and a dolly in the open front door. A male, Jamie Evans, age 42 of Middletown, came out of the house and was detained by Burns. After Burns repeatedly announced his presence outside, a second male, Shawn Simmons, age 41 of Muncie, came out and was also detained by Burns.

The two men told Burns there had been a sign out front of the abandoned home that said “Take What You Want;” however officers were not able to locate that sign. Burns was able to locate a “No Trespassing” sign that was clearly visible on the outside of the front door. Trooper Jacob Ridgway and Deputy Derek Bertrand came to assist Burns, and after contacting the property owners, were able to determine the two men did not have permission to be on the property.

Further investigation by the officers also found that Shawn Simmons was wanted out of Delaware County on two warrants for Failure to Appear for Child Support. The two men were lodged in the Henry County jail charged with Level 5 felony Burglary and misdemeanor Criminal Trespass. Trooper Burns was assisted in his investigation by Trooper Jacob Ridgway, the Henry County Sheriff’s Department and the Middletown Police Department.