Fort Wayne Philharmonic cancels shows through February

UPDATE (January 12, 2023):

The Fort Wayne Philharmonic has canceled all shows through February as management and their union musicians are at odds in contract talks.

The musicians went on strike over the proposal to gradually diminish or remove some of their roles.

The two sides have agreed on pay, but musician spokesperson Campbell MacDonald says their job cuts and workplace rights elimination proposals are unacceptable.

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UPDATE (January 9, 2023):

The American Federation of Musicians Local 58 is suing the Fort Wayne Philharmonic Management for unfair labor practices by coercing employees by “interrogating them about their intention to engage in a strike.”

The lawsuit also says the management did not bargain in good faith last month as the two sides tried to reach a new contract.

The union went on strike on December 8 after working under an expired contract for three months.

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UPDATE (December 13, 2022):

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (ADAMS) – Musicians with the Fort Wayne Philharmonic and the agency are continuing contract talks after the union went on strike Thursday.

They met for nearly five hours Monday without a deal.

Union chair Campbell MacDonald says they are asking for an eight-percent raise over what they were previously paid.

The Philharmonic is offering 12 percent more over three years, but the union says current salaries are a pay cut due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the weekend, striking musicians rallied and put on a free show to a packed house at Plymouth Congregational Church.

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (ADAMS) – The Fort Wayne Philharmonic Players’ Association is now on strike after their contract talks with the Fort Wayne Philharmonic have stalled.

Union chairperson Campbell MacDonald says they have met with the board in contract discussions nine times in recent months and say they are trying “to dislodge the Fort Wayne Philharmonic from their destructive position.”

Philharmonic president and CEO Brittany Hall said they are “deeply disappointed” by the strike and say they have collaborated in good faith since August. A mediator will be brought in.

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