Fun Facts and Strange News

Here are some fun facts to help get you through the day and look like the most informed person at the water cooler.


– A librarian at the University of New Hampshire saved for his whole life and left $4 million to the school when he died.  And . . . they used $1 million of it on a new football scoreboard, which wasn’t exactly his vision.


– The first and last people to die building the Hoover Dam were a father and son, exactly 13 years apart.  The dad drowned on December 20th, 1922 . . . and his son fell off a tower on December 20th, 1935.


– The first words Mickey Mouse ever said were “hot dogs,” in the animated short movie “The Karnival Kid” in 1929.


– When “Titanic” was filming, James Cameron and about 50 other cast and crew members were hospitalized after someone spiked the lobster chowder they were eating with PCP.  The person who did it was never caught.


– Motel 6 got its name because it originally charged $6-per-night when it opened in 1962.


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Strange and trending news:
– People on Twitter are sharing pictures of some of their best Halloween costumes.  (Full Story)


– KFC is selling its fried chicken-scented fire logs again this year.  (Full Story)


– Four Loko is releasing new “bottled shots” that look like they’re incredibly sweet . . . and will make your inevitable vomit all sorts of fun colors!  (Full Story)


– Denny’s is offering a BLUE version of its Moons Over My Hammy sandwich on Halloween.  It’s in honor of the blue moon on Halloween, but it will only be on sale at some of their locations in Miami.  (Full Story)


– A cat in the U.K. figured out how to turn on a sink and block the drain . . . so she flooded her owner’s home.  (Full Story)


– Today is National Black Cat Day and National American Beer Day.


– Burger King is running a Halloween promotion where if you go to a few different abandoned burger restaurants around the country, you can get a free Whopper.  (Full Story)


– A real estate listing from Kentucky is going viral because the 3D tour of the house shows some very strange features . . . like a storage warehouse, two side-by-side toilets, and an entire room that’s a shower.  (Full Story)


– A drunk guy in Pennsylvania was arrested after he was running around at 5:00 A.M. screaming he was the son of God and throwing mailboxes.  (Full Story)


– 16% of Americans say they’ll consider leaving the U.S. if their presidential candidate loses next week.  That’s up from 9% who said that in 2016.  (Full Story)