Fun Facts and Strange News

Here are some fun facts to help get you through the day and look like the most informed person at the water cooler.

–  After “Harry Potter”, Daniel Radcliffe starred in a movie called “The Woman in Black” in 2012.  It was a remake of a 1989 movie where the star was Adrian Rawlins . . . who played Harry Potter’s father in the “Harry Potter” movies.


–  Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel met each other when they were 11, and they were both in the school play, “Alice in Wonderland”.


–  Ketchup was originally made in England and the United States with mushrooms as the main ingredient, not tomatoes.  That lasted until the early 1800s when tomato ketchup started getting more popular.


–  We’ve never had a Native American president, but we HAVE had a Native American vice president.  Charles Curtis was Herbert Hoover’s vice president, and he was a member of the Kaw tribe.


–  In World War Two, Japanese soldiers would taunt American soldiers during battles by yelling insults about Babe Ruth.


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Strange and trending news:

-According to a marketing firm in New York, the #1 food-related news story of the year was the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich fiasco.  (Full Story)

–  Here are the most popular Christmas cookies this year, based on how much people are searching for their recipes.  Peanut Butter Blossoms are the most popular in seven states . . . and Sugar Cookie M&M Bars are the most popular in five.  (Full Story)



–  The average American stresses out EIGHT TIMES during their holiday travel, according to a new survey.  And the top things that stress us out are:  Dangerous roads because of the weather . . . heavy traffic . . . and losing something while you’re traveling.  (Full Story)


–  There’s a Christmas tree shortage this year . . . and apparently in New York City, some larger Christmas trees are selling for as much as $6,500.  And people are actually buying them.  (Full Story)


– Today is National Ice Cream Day.  Yes, in December.  And according to a new survey, people don’t mind . . . because they’re already eating so much sugar this month, they don’t feel guilty about a little more.  (Full Story)


– Pornhub released its annual Year in Review, and Americans watched more porn this year than any other country.  The average person spent 10 minutes and 36 seconds per visit.  The #1 search term was “lesbian.”  30% of viewers in the U.S. were women this year.  And 81% of Pornhub’s traffic was on phones.  (Full Story)


–  A 22-year-old woman in New York City recently posted an ad on Craigslist looking for a divorce lawyer.  She says she doesn’t have much money but, quote, “I’m young and attractive . . . maybe we can work something out?”  And she put up a picture of herself in lingerie.  (Full Story)


–  A man was found dead in an alligator’s mouth in Florida back in June.  But an autopsy just showed the gator DIDN’T kill him . . . he died of a meth overdose, then the gator found him and started eating his body.  (Full Story)


–  A new survey asked people if listening to an audiobook counts as “reading” that book.  And only 27% of people say YES.  40% say it doesn’t count as reading . . . and the rest aren’t sure.  (Full Story)


–  There’s a company in England that offers employees “HANGOVER DAYS” . . . where they can stay home to work if they’re hung over.  The company says they came up with the policy because, quote, “we wanted to offer something to younger millennials who typically go out mid-week.”  (Full Story)


–  A woman in Pennsylvania tried to shoplift an entire cart full of stuff from a Walmart on Tuesday . . . while the store was hosting a “shop with a cop” charity event.  The cops quickly swarmed and arrested her for retail theft.  (Full Story)


–  A group of 11 people walked into a Cracker Barrel in Georgia on Wednesday and asked to be seated with the best waitress they had.  Then at the end, they each chipped in $100 and left her a huge $1,100 tip.  (Full Story)