Indiana little league: poorly behaved parents won’t be tolerated

LEBANON, Ind. (ADAMS) – Organizers of the Lebanon Little League say they are not going to tolerate out-of-control behavior this year.

But their focus is not on the players on the field, it’s on the parents and fans in the stands.

Little League President Brian Tandy said on Facebook this week that he is sick of hearing parents and fans yell and scream at umpires.

He says they are all volunteers, and many of them are young. Tandy says anyone who cannot control themselves while watching a game this year will be banned from Little League parks for a full year.

The post read:

Coaches, Parents, & Spectators,
First off, I hate that I have to write this. We’ve been getting several complaints that coaches, parents, and spectators are being very rude to our umpires. I am sick of hearing about it. If you can’t respect our umpires, please stay home. As you might know, there is an umpire shortage across the state and country. They volunteer their time and do the best they can. You might not like their call, but they are trained to handle these situations. We also need umpires, if you are trained in the game and are willing to volunteer, please e-mail me.
Several of our umpires are in our junior umpire training program. They genuinely enjoy being out there to ensure your own kids have a good experience. Please refrain from yelling at and threatening the kids. They have the power to eject you from the facility and have been told to stop the game and get a board member if they need assistance for fan conduct.
From today forward, if you are caught yelling at, threatening, or heckling in any manner to an umpire, coach, or board member, you will be banned for 1 year from Lebanon Little League. If you feel like this might be an issue for you, please e-mail me your concerns.
Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter.

Brian Tandy
President, Lebanon Little League