Kansas City’s Record-Breaking Comeback

Things weren’t looking good for PATRICK MAHOMES and the Kansas City Chiefs yesterday when they went down 24-0 in the second quarter to the Houston Texans.


Then they launched into an epic comeback, scoring 41 unanswered points.  They ended up completing SEVEN straight touchdown drives . . . and won by 20, 51-31.


The Chiefs are the first team in NFL postseason history to win a game by 20 or more points . . . after trailing by 20 or more points.  And at 52 combined points, the two teams had the highest-scoring first half in NFL postseason history.


The Seattle Seahawks weren’t so lucky.  Their comeback against the Green Bay Packers fell short last night, and they lost 28-23.


On Saturday, the San Francisco 49ers won their first playoff game in six years when they beat the Minnesota Vikings 27-10.  And the Tennessee Titans pulled off a major upset, beating the Baltimore Ravens 28-12.


Next weekend, the Titans will play the Chiefs for the AFC title, and the Packers will play the 49ers for the NFC Championship.  The winners will play in the Super Bowl on February 2nd.  (Where they will take on the New England Patriots.  Oops, that’s not right.  The Patriots won’t be in the Super Bowl this year!  Yes, it’s true!!  My bad, old habits die hard.)  (???)