Local group adds support for parents of children with substance abuse

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (ADAMS) – The Mom of an Addict, Inc., announced that their support group will begin to offer an option specifically for parents and grandparents who have lost their child to overdose or another complication from substance use disorder.

At a support group meeting, board member Donna Wray shared her story of losing her daughter Emily in January. Emily, who started dancing before entering kindergarten, spent several years as a professional dancer in Chicago and Los Angeles. “She was a talented dancer, an artist, a loving daughter, a sister, an aunt and also a mom to her dog Mitie,” said Wray. “She loved her family, but it was as if I had two Emilys – the one who wanted to be involved with her family and the one who didn’t know how to beat her addiction.”

Wray believes The Mom of an Addict, Inc.’s group has helped her in many ways. “I have learned a lot about the disease and how it changes the brain. It has helped me to understand things Emily would do and why it was so difficult for her. Hearing from guest speakers, especially from Tommy who is in recovery, has given me comfort in knowing this was not my fault and there was nothing I could have done differently,” says Wray.
After sharing her story, Wray announced that the meetings will now have a way to directly serve other parents who have lost their child.

The Mom of an Addict, Inc.’s meetings begin with an educational portion and wrap up with small group sharing time. Effective immediately, there will be a small group for parents who have lost their child. “Their feelings about the educational portion each week may be different than the rest of the parents at the meeting,” says CEO Jennifer Hope. “They have a distinctive perspective, and their questions and discussion can be tailored to that,” Hope continues. “Mostly, we want them to come, feel as comfortable as possible and realize they are not alone.”

The leaders at The Mom of an Addict, Inc. have three main goals: to educated parents and grandparents about the disease, to love then through their recovery journeys and to remind them that there is always hope. The group meets on Tuesdays at 6:30 PM at The Chapel in Fort Wayne. Parents and grandparents (or other family members who have taken on the role) who have a child in active addiction, have a child incarcerated due to substance use, have a child in recovery or have lost their child to the disease are welcome at the meetings.
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