Mayor recognizes 75 City employees for years of service

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (ADAMS) – Mayor Tom Henry recognized milestone years of service for 75 City of Fort Wayne employees this week.

“City of Fort Wayne employees are committed to providing excellent services to residents, neighborhoods, and businesses,” said Mayor Henry.

“It’s a highlight each year to recognize employees for their years of outstanding public service. By working together, Fort Wayne is an award-winning community that’s positioned for current and future success.”

The following individuals were honored:

45 years
James Berning, Radio Shop

40 years
Timothy Bogenschutz, Police

35 years
Jeffrey Burton, Police
William Murphy, Traffic Engineering
Arthur Norton, Police
Katherine Pargmann, Parks and Recreation
Tesera Trimble-Holloway, Police

30 years
Michael Adams, Fire
Michele Arnold, Water Pollution Control Maintenance
Shawn Atkinson, Water Maintenance
Douglas Brewer, Water Maintenance
Richard Byrd, Fire
Julie Ebbing, Street Department
Sondra Falcone, Water Maintenance

Timothy Gallaway, Water Pollution Control Plant
Eric Harris, Citizen Services
James Kohrman, Fire

Douglas Mounsey, Fire
Kevin Owen, Water Maintenance
Kari Ramsey, Fire Civilians

Patrick Riley, Fire Dept
JC Creager Smith, Community Development

25 years
Samuel Adams, Police
Ruben Alvarez, Water Maintenance
Patsy Alvarez, Water Pollution Control Plant
Brian Armstrong, Fire
Wyman Ashford, Fire
David Botas, Fire
Hollis Burton, Police

Karen Butler, Transportation Administration
Kaye Callow, Landscape & Horticulture
William D’Alessandro, Fire
Brandt Douglas, Fire
Bernard Ebetino, Police
Mary Flohr-Hyndman, Police Civilians
Gary Gatchell, Street Department

Mark Gerardot. Police
Michael Gore, Parks & Recreation
John Greenlee, Police
Todd Hattery, Fire

John Heidenreich, Fire

John Helmsing, Police

Geneori Hogan, Fire

Neil Hudson, Fire

Matthew Hughes, Fire

Andrew Irick, Police

Raymond Kelley, Street Department
Michael Koehlinger, Neighborhood Code
John Kreiger, Police

Randy Lamley, Street Department

Shane Lee, Police

Sandra Lewis, City Utilities Customer Support

Scott Merkle, Fire

Karen Morris, City Utilities Customer Support

Steven Neal, Fire

J Matthew Newbauer, Police

Andrew Nieberding, Fire
Chad Pattee, Fire

Matthew Peckham, Fire

David Peterson, Park and Recreation

Gwendolyn Peterson, Police Civilians

Holly Petzak, Redevelopment

Michael Poiry, Fire

Andrew Ramsey , Fire
Steven Siddall, Water Pollution Control Maintenance
Paul Spoelhof, Community Development

Donald Stabler, Street

Roy Sutphin, Police

Clayton Taylor, Police
Jeffrey Vachon, Water Pollution Control Plant

Fred Waltenburg, Street Department

Heidi Williams, City Utilities Customer Support

Brian Williams, Police

Kyra Woods, Police

Mark Young, Fire