No, a School Didn’t Add Litter Boxes for Students Who Are Furries

In this ever-changing world, it’s important to question things before you repeat them in public and look dumb.  Case in point:  A school district in central Michigan had to put out a statement over a ridiculous rumor that’s been circulating.

A parent recently stood up at a school board meeting and claimed at least one school in the district was putting LITTER BOXES in the bathrooms for students who are FURRIES.  That’s someone who likes dressing up as a cat, dog, or other furry animal.  They don’t use litter boxes though.  (Here’s the video.  She starts in on it at 33:50.)

She said she “heard” it was true and that she was “furious.”  Then the video made the rounds online, so the rumor spread.  But the district says there’s absolutely no truth to it.

(The rumor spread after the co-chair of the Michigan Republican Party shared the video last week and called her a hero.  The co-chair’s response to the denial was, “Just because the superintendent says it’s false does not make it false.”)