Sweetwater unveils 24-Hour Gear Store

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (ADAMS) – Sweetwater has unveiled an all new, one-of-a-kind resource designed to help musicians when they need it most.

Designed with touring and gigging music-makers and technicians in mind, the first Sweetwater 24-Hour Gear Store is now open for business inside the lobby of The Clyde, a state of the art music, performance and arts venue in Sweetwater’s hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Leveraging over 40 years of exceptional service and a musicians-first focus, the Sweetwater 24-Hour Gear Store is an extension of the elements that have helped propel the retailer to become the top choice of musicians and pro audio experts of all types. A highly-curated assortment of gear and accessories is available at the push of a button. Included are 20 different items ranging from guitar strings and microphones to batteries and gaffer’s tape.

“We want to make sure that nothing stands in the way of a performance,” said Sweetwater Chief Marketing Officer David Stewart. “If an artist needs something at the last minute, we can provide it on the spot. This reinforces our commitment to do all we can to help our customers make music and to always exceed their expectations.”
The Sweetwater 24-Hour Gear Store isn’t a typical vending machine. It features a dynamic touch screen that hosts pictures and short descriptions for each item available. Additionally, customers can pay with all major credit and debit cards as well as both Apple and Google Pay. Customers can also obtain a copy of Sweetwater’s 600+ page gear resource, ProGear, from a display stand immediately next to the machine.
“This is a great way to combine innovation and convenience to help better serve our customers,” explained Sweetwater Founder & CEO Chuck Surack. “Touring musicians might find themselves with an emergency just before or during a show. We can provide essentials and they never have to leave the venue.”
Sweetwater hopes to install similar 24-Hour Gear Stores in other locations.