When Should You Say, “I Love You”?

When you think about the big milestones in a relationship . . . sex, marriage, kids . . . what’s the IDEAL timeline for all that stuff to happen?

Someone polled a bunch of people.

Here’s what they said . . .


1.  Having sex?  The most popular answer was one month in.  17% said a week or less.


2.  Saying “I love you”?  60% said six months or less . . . including 23% who said in the first MONTH.  And 4% said in the first week.  (Again, this is your “ideal” scenario.  So maybe they’re talking about love at first sight?)


3.  Meeting each other’s family?  The top answer was around three months in.


4.  First vacation together?  Most said within a year.  Six months was the #1 answer.


5.  Moving in together?  Around the one-year mark.


6.  Proposing?  48% said one to three years in.  Less than 10% said longer than that.


7.  Buying a home?  In a perfect world, one to three years.


8.  Having a baby?  Two years was the top answer.  But one in eight people said that waiting five years or more would be ideal.